Top 5 Commercial Espresso Machines For Smaller Businesses

Cafes are very common and yet, the demand and need for it isn’t waning. Aside from offering one of the most important commodities, cafes offer a comfortable and relaxing space that many people often need. So, if you’re one of the people who decided to start your own coffee shop, you’re on the right track!

You’ll need proper plans and high-quality equipment like a commercial espresso machine to help you.It’s better if you choose the machine that’s more suitable for smaller businesses. We’ve compiled some of the best espresso machines below for your convenience.

Nuova SimonelliMusica

Despite its name, it doesn’t have any features that will help you play music. However, the name easily catches your attention,doesn’t it? This is one of the many specialized espresso machines that Simonelli has distributed in the market. Nevertheless, just like any other Simonelli products, it’s one that won’t disappoint.

  • It has an energy-saving feature for the heat exchanger and boiler
  • Unlimited steam power
  • Brews espresso simultaneously

La Pavoni BAR-T 2V-B

Don’t let its size fool you. In the world of commercial espresso machine manufacturing, La Pavoni is one of the major players and is also one of the oldest. Measuring only 27.5 by 20.5 inches, this small powerhouse packs an amazing punch, especially when it comes to coffee-making features.

  • Two stream jets that are flexible
  • Water softener features and a hot water tap
  • Internal electro-pump feature


Machines made by Bezzeraare considered top-notch and are of high quality. Their machines are often considered the best in the world, especially for smaller commercial businesses. One of the biggest reasons why it’s one of the best-selling machines is its industrialized style that matches almost any theme and concept your establishment might have. Many owners place great value on how their items look. On top of its design, it also offers many amazing features.

  • A built-in cup warmer
  • Knobs are styled as joysticks for easy use
  • Exchanging boiler
  • E61 group head

RancilioEpoca ST

One word- simple. For start-up businesses, this is an ideal choice. For people who prefer simpler designs, this is the best option out there.

  • Semi-automatic
  • Built-in water softener
  • Built-in water tank which means you don’t need to connect it with water to brew; just make sure there’s enough supply in the tank

commercial espresso machineElektra ART.SX Brass & Copper

This semi-automatic Microcasa machine is highly suitable for small businesses. In the event that your business expands in the future, you need to use a different machine or use several Elektra espresso machines to manage all the orders. Despite its smaller capacity, it still offers high-quality espresso brews with the following features:

  • Standard 10-inch bases for a stable foundation
  • 3 red switches that indicate the main functions: power, brew, refill (this makes it one of the easiest machine to manage on the list)
  • Pressure gauge and visible water level indicator

The equipment you choose will determine the fluidity of your operations. For small businesses, it’s even more crucial to have machines you can trust. This helps you establish your business properly and serves as a good starting point for you.