Decide if you want to buy a new or used car

If you want to buy a new car it is important that you ask yourself the reasons why you prefer it like this: maybe because you know it will be in perfect condition and you will have a guarantee, or because you want your car to last for many years. Your reasons are valid; however, follow the following recommendations. Click here for used car dealerships in raleigh.

-Compare different prices between different brands, models and dealerships

-Be aware that as soon as your car leaves the agency it will devalue around 20% to 30%

-Look for comments from other drivers regarding the model and brand of the car that interests you

Used or pre-owned car?

If you opt for a used car because your budget is smaller, or because you only use it for a short period of time, we recommend you to search with private sellers through websites, prestigious second-hand stores, in the classified section of the newspapers or in the section of pre-owned cars of the automotive agencies. It is recommended that the car you buy be between 2 and 5 years old. Visit this site for used car dealerships in raleigh.

used car dealerships

In the first instance review these aspects

-Investigate that the car is not stolen or has been reported in an illegal act

-Check that the papers are in order and give you all (circulation card, plates and stickers, decals and receipts, vehicle verification and purchase agreement)

Check that there are no accumulated fines

-History of the vehicle: owners who have had, use that has been given, blows, modifications and maintenance that has had

-Check that the serial numbers that appear on the engine, body, and chassis match the original serial numbers

-Look for comments from other drivers, regarding the model and brand of the car that interests you

In the second instance, ask a trusted mechanic to check the condition of the vehicle and determine its condition.

The important points are

  1. Mileage (it is recommended that you add an average of 20,000 kilometers per year)
  2. Body (the structure of the vehicle, part of the vehicle on which the passengers rest or the load)
  3. Chassis (frame that holds the engine and the body of a vehicle)
  4. Condition of the tires (which have a life of more than 70%)
  5. Engine (that turns on correctly and no strange noises are heard)
  6. Brakes and clutch (that work correctly)
  7. That there is no leakage of oil or fuel or lose cables
  8. Gasoline consumption
  9. State of the doors, fenders, trunk, trunk
  10. Paint, oxidation
  11. Interior and upholstery
  12. Board (that the indicators work well).
  13. Car computer (in more modern cars, check that it works).
  14. Seats (that can be easily adjusted)
  15. Good functioning of the car’s electrical system
  16. That verification can pass

Finally, test the car and check that it moves forward without any problem, gently and without strange noises. Test the brakes and the different speeds. The most important thing is that you are comfortable with the car.