Let’s say you and your friend go to a competition and play games together.  For Instance,  you are a lower skill player (let’s say gold for example), he is higher skill player (Grand master, but he plays with his smurf account, so he could play with you) and since you duo with him, in low ranks he is carrying you  duo with him, in low ranks he is carrying you and your rank increases.  And you keep playing with him, he keep dragging you up the ranks and you reach diamond, but you are not worthy diamond, since you didn’t get there because you are that good, you just got there because your friend dragged you there and when you try to play against those diamonds, you are outskilled and an extra weight to team, because it’s too hard for you, since you don’t belong in that rank.  And your friend that carried you to that rank is guilty of that, since you went up the ranks, not that you were better, but because your friend was better and he got you that high.

Overwatch Boosters

How does it work?

You can intentionally lower your rank to play with friends at lower ranks and easily boost them up to higher ranks by playing with lower ranked players.  Competitive Overwatch Boosting boils down to players paying a website to help boost their rank in the Competitive Mode.  How this works is a user will be charged a fee based on how many ranks they wish to obtain and a player will log into their account and complete the matches for them.  Essentially users are allowing another player to log into their account, play in the Ranked game mode, and boost their leaderboard standings so they can obtain end of season rewards.

This practice is not limited to just PC players either, as both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are offered by a variety of these boosting sites.  Some also offer the service of just playing with professional players instead, letting them carry you up through the ranks.  So wish you all the best to try overwatch account boosting and have a splendid experience.