Stylish glasses to get protection from the sun

When it is come to buy a fashionable glass, then most people possibly think to go with the for John Lenon glass. But it is really cool to understand the idea behind putting the name of this glass on a famous personality. John Lennon was a renowned songwriter and peace activist of England. He was so famous that his glasses style is followed by a huge number of people not only in his country but also all over the world. It is a type of glass round in shape which covers your whole eye and protect with much agony related to eye.

Who made this famous

John Lennon, a famous songwriter and member of the great band “the Beatles” has boasted as to make these sunglasses popular and after that, this kind of glasses is famous as John Lennon glasses. In the beginning, the name of this glass was Teashades but after getting popularity on the name of this song it is no more recognized as Teashades. John Lennon was a musician, actor, author and many more which make him a versatile personality. After this great personality, many rock star and actor has given the popularity to this glasses such as Jerry Garcia, Mick Jagger etc.

Amazing retro style glasses

The type of round retro glass in varies famous in today’s youth. They wear it anywhere, most importantly to save eye in summer, it is really a cool glass fashion used by today’s fashionable generation. The characteristics of this type of glass are they are round in shape, a bridge is here to support both the lenses and the bridge is made up of metal. It is a kind of darkened glass or we can say used for protection from the sun or ultraviolet ray of sun. The sunglasses are made up of glass, plastic and with the mixture of polycarbonate; whereas the frame of glass is made up from plastic, nylon and metal alloy.


Today’s generation really admires these glasses and you can find a new trend of this of glasses everywhere. These glasses are available online as well and you can buy it from here also. It is an amazing scenario to participate in a rock star show you will find many people has been wearing these glasses.