Fantastic Design Gaming Keyboards

Less than 50 bucks only!

Best gaming keyboards criteria not only evaluated by its function but also by design and ergonomic. This article will review a list of 5 best gaming keyboards with impressive design.

  1. BlueFinger CM200

The firstchoice is BlueFinger CM 500. Its fancy design of cracked surface is so genius with some backlights of Blue, Red and Sterling Purple color. This blink-blink keyboard lighting design equipped with mouse in set, make it more fancy and exciting to accompany your long hours in gaming battle. All of combination of features inside this beautiful fantastic crack surface design make BlueFinger CM200 becomes number one fantastic design category of Best Gaming Keyboard under 50 dollars.

  1. Redragon K55-R KUMARA

Simplicity and ergonomic design is a key point of this gaming keyboard. It has smaller size than average gaming keyboard because it has no number pad on it. In overall, the keyboard dimension takes only 13.9 inches wide, and 4,9 x 1.5 inches in thickness. Materials made from aluminum with back-tilt keyboard function to adjust keyboard inclination. All of this simplicity and ergonomically design make this Redragon K55-R KUMARA series become second option of fantastic design as Best Gaming Keyboard  under 50 bucks. It is really worthy and suitable for you who would like simplicity in your life.

  1. HAVIT Rainbow Combo

It comes with two options of color, in black and white. If you love whitely set, then this might be a good design option. This combo set consists of keyboard and mouse. The keyboard lighting intensity varies from medium, high, and in breathing lighting mode. Otherwise, you can just switch it off. The mouse light switched in red, blue, purple, and pink. Make it so wonderful with combination of braided cable of USB connection 1.5 meter. This is my first option of gaming keyboard with fantastic design.

  1. Corsair K55

Next best design gaming keyboard is Corsair K55. This keyboard is really good option for you who would like to have long gaming period, because it has rubber wrist set, as it is detachable, you can just wear it to give your arm a little bit rest and take some time to fill more energy. Other than that, this Corsair keyboard also has 4 back-rubber keyboards, to prevent your table from scratch caused by the movement. So in overall, with the function of arm rest and 4 back-rubber keyboards make it become next best gaming keyboard.

  1. Redragon S101

Last option is aRedragon series with fantastic design feature. It comes with a set of mouse and keyboard connected by exciting black and red twisted cable. Mouse is a bit heavy, could become an option for movement balance. There is backlit function in keyboard, exclusive features of multimedia keys and DPI setting function make this design not only fantastic, but enhance your capability to master the move.